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Special Thanks

I would like to thank all of the people I've met on my journey while starting Keyhole Games.

 I've met a lot of people on this entrepreneurial journey I've been on, and I plan on meeting more. Here are just some to name.

~Design Thinking Academy~

To all my fellow Wolves, I'll miss you so much!

My school guided me to my passion and was there every step of the way. I've had the best teachers that cared about the students, and classes. I'm not ready to leave, or for you to close.
Tara, Casie, Natasha - My best friends - I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. I love y'all!


~Dual School~

Thanks so much for all the amazing opportunities that you've opened up for me, and continue to! Can't wait to see all the future Coherts!


~First Founders~

Proud to be one of the first First Founders! So grateful to have been involved. To all my fellow first founders, never stop believing in yourselves! You're the best.

~Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship~

Truly kicked off my entrepreneurial experience. I've learned so many skills and gained so much knowledge and experience through this amazing organization. 

~New Castle County~

Thanks for all the support you offer small businesses. Delaware will only get better when we work for it!

~University Of Delaware~

With all the support you offer to entrepreneurial students, I can't imagine going anywhere else for my college experience. Proud to finally be a blue hen!

And many more!

- Mike Shumate, Founder of Keyhole Games