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  • Michael Shumate

End of month Progress Update! May 2019

Hey Keyhole Gamers! I want to start off by saying just because mental health awareness month is closing, shouldn't mean you forget about being mentally healthy.

Also, know that it's okay to not be okay sometimes. We can't always be at our best. Just know when times do get rough, take a deep breath and don't hold things back. Talk them out with someone you love, and someone that loves you.

Now to the progress update! I want to start releasing end of month updates relating to our progress on The Outcasts: Guardian Angel, so it's easy for all of you out there to know where we're at!

Currently, my main goal is the script. I've been rewriting an adding on to it lately. My goal is to have the first two acts revised and complete by the end of June.

I've been collaborating with my team, and we're all very eager to start working on our own aspects of this. In the upcoming months, we'd like to have at least the first act of our game to stand in as a playable demo, complete and fully voice acted. This demo most likely will be hosted on Gamejolt.com I've also been doing some searching for an artist recently for the demo.

Expect in the upcoming few weeks to be hearing more about this!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Michael Shumate

Keyhole Games