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Welcome Keyhole Gamers! Here at Keyhole Games we value story, team work, and acceptance. We know making a great game requires a great team that have a great bond. What you'll be getting out of us is a promise to make new, intriguing titles that are made by someone who understands what players want.

Welcome Keyhole Gamers!

Break from the usual and be unique!


About Keyhole Games

Keyhole Games was founded by Michael Shumate, a teen from Delaware with a passion for mental health awareness and game design. He began work on his passion project, The Outcasts: Guardian Angel where he's been working hard along side his amazing crew to make a game that will truly speak to people through a story and characters that players can relate to.


Current Project

The Outcasts: Guardian Angel

TO:GA is a game heavily influenced by the struggles of real life. Keyhole Games tells the story of Will Turner, a teen who suffers from extreme depression who meets his Guardian Angel after an attempt to take his own life. 

The Outcasts will tug at your heartstrings as players learn about the struggles, stigmas, and issues presented with the rich and diverse cast of characters that they meet, and maybe even help along the way. 


From the journal of Will Turner


William Turner

"Eh, what to say about me? Well, for starters I hate being called William so please- and I cannot stress this enough- CALL ME WILL. 
I live with my father. Though, half the time he's never home. The other half he's wasted. We don't have a great relationship. Hell, we've barely spoken since my mom died. We both took it really hard. I do what I can to help... Work to pay rent, make dinner, clean. I feel like I owe him that. 
I go to school, and scrape by. I'm not stupid or anything. I just... Don't care. My life is already screwed up. I'm not going to college, or qualified to have some amazing career. 
I'm not one of those people with a great future ahead of them... Sometimes I don't think I want a future at all."



1(302) 513-1241